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    What is nerve compression and how can it affect your health?

    What is nerve compression and how can it affect your health?

    Among the pathologies that affect the nervous system, are medical conditions where peripheral nerves are affected. There are several causes for this, the most frequent is nerve compression, which occurs along the path of the nerve, and is compressed in various ways. The various ways they are compressed are as follows: muscular structures, bone and fibrous tissue. (1)

    The causes of nerve compression are varied. For example, the use of very tight clothes, long hours of standing or sitting on hard surfaces, and certain sleeping positions.

    The St. Louis population has high rates of diabetes, kidney failure and metabolic diseases. This creates a vulnerability to develop neuropathies that represent up to 20% of neurosurgical pathologies.

    Carpal tunnel syndrome

    Carpal tunnel syndrome is one of the most common nerve compressions. The median nerve of the wrist passes through the carpal tunnel, causing excessive pressure on the wrist due to long hours of work. Intense pressure on the wrist can cause inflammation of the carpal tunnel generating compression on the median nerve, causing severe pain.

    Most frequent symptoms of nerve compression

    The most frequent symptoms of nerve compression are as follows:

     1.Motor level

    Paralysis of the involved limb may be present after the passage of nerve conduction has been obstructed. In early stages, it is possible to conserve trophism, but once it has evolved to chronicity, neuropathy can cause hypotrophy or muscular atrophy.

     2.Sensitive level

    There are many types of sensory disturbances including pain, paresthesia, hyperesthesia, hypoesthesia, anesthesia or hyperpathia. The most prevalent being pain.

     3. Deep muscular reflex

    This term describes an absence or decrease in reflexes in the extremities or functions directed by the affected nerve. (2)

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